Join us by supporting Saint George’s Church financially.

We’d love to make giving as straightforward as possible for all who would like to partner with St. George’s.

The main ways through which you can give are: via Standing Order or via the offering baskets on Sundays.


Why give money?

Being generous with our money is part of our discipleship walk.
By giving money away, we give back to God what he has given to us, we give Him thanks and we say that He is even more important than money.

In Mark 12, Jesus comments on the offering of a poor widow.
She gave ‘two copper coins, worth only a few cents’ (Mk 12:42 MSG) but she, according to Jesus, ‘put in everything’.

To set up a standing order or give St. George’s a gift
please use the following details:

Account Name: St Georges PCC
Account Number: 0003 0671
Sort Code: 40-52-40